Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Turning 32 and So Forth.....

This is, hands down, the busiest time of year for us. The older children have just two days of school left before their Summer break begins, though, and I couldn't be more excited! Bring on the Summer reading program, play dates, free movies, and fun in the sun!

May did not only contain a pretty important holiday, in which we spent quality time with my mom and grandmother, but has also been slap full of chorus concerts for each of my older children, as well as for my niece. All fabulously entertaining, I might add. Lindsey also performed a solo/ensemble in front of a district judge, rating superior in both. There have been gobs of award ceremonies. Birthday parties, class parties, and club parties. Family Day at my hubby's job, which was an absolute blast! AND I am happy to report, and only because it's unbearably hot out, that little league baseball is officially over for us...until Fall that is. Hallelujah!!!
Darrell climbing the rock wall at the Kia Family Day Picnic.

May also brought about one child's neglected head. We've been so busy, that, until two days ago, he hasn't had a haircut since last month! He was VERY excited to see it go!

I also turned 32 this month. My husband asked, at the end of that particular day, "How does it feel being 32?" Hardy har har. :0) Welllllll, long story long, I woke up well before the sun made it's appearance to help Lindsey finish her edible map of Australia. Got both of the babes off to school and soon recieved a call from Lindsey informing me that she forgot her book bag. So I made the long haul to her school, as quickly as I could, to get that to her, praying all the while that she would still be in first period by the time I made it. I was greeted by three office staffers who couldn't have been more friendly (If you know me, you know that was sarcasm) and was told that Lindsey would get her book bag and was basically shoo'd right on out of there. Made it back home with just enough time, before having to go back to her school for her awards ceremony, to wash/fold clothes, scrub my bathtub, shower Ella and I, get she and I ready, and check Gabriel out of school. After making the long drive back to the middle school I, then, sat through the longest award ceremony of my life, that includes high school graduations, in the hottest gymnasium I've ever stepped foot in. Which, in hindsight, was totally worth it for my girl. Realized, however, at the end that she was never called to the office to obtain her book bag. I nearly fell over upon hearing that news, and rushed up to the office, to find her book bag laying in the floor with her name on it. It's seldom that I get so mad that I show it...and I'm ridiculous when I do get mad because I shake and fight back tears. Ack. Such a boob. And, unfortunately, I did just that as I explained, to someone different, that I purposely rushed up here early that morning so she would be able to turn in her homework, have all the necessary supplies she needed for school, as well as her text books...and I added that gas is over $4.00 a gallon, mind you, and my drive to and from is not a quick one. This sweet lady, whom I believe was a school counselor, did well at calming me down...which just kind of embarrasses me now. She apologized and thanked me for being such a loving and concerned parent. She made sure to tell me that she would e-mail all of Lindsey's teachers to let them know what happened so that Lindsey, nor I, would be at any fault. This was enough for me, although, I had a harder time, then, shaking off the rudeness of those three morning office staffers after all was said and done. I still can't believe they never called her up for her book bag. Arggh. I finally took all the babes back home, and felt as if half the cars on the road thought my car to be nonexistent as they pulled out in front of me....running me off the road at one point. My husband had a beautiful dinner date planned, while the babes stayed with my sister, for that evening...but by the time I made it home, I was a hormonal mess and didn't care to budge from the sanctuary of our home. Ha. Poor Darrell had to do a lot of convincing to get me out of there, but not before he and the babes presented me with the most thoughtful cards and gifts a wife/mama could ask for. Above all of those things, the words in the cards left my heart so full, and my face covered in tears. Precious love is what it all boils down to, and while my husband totally surprised me with a LookBook, nothing compared to that moment in time while I wallowed in self pity and my babes surrounded me with their presence and these beautiful words that left me feeling more blessed and loved than ever before.

And with that, my answer was easy. Being 32 ROCKS! :0)

Relishing in His goodness...


Cassy said...

Family melts the ice in this world <3 Happy Belated birthday sweetie pie. And I can call you that cuz now I know how much OLDER than you I am you whippersnapper you! :P

Christy said...

ahhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahaha....You are a lovely goofball! :0P

And I love the quote, by the way. Tis true!