Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Answered Prayers

If I had all night, I could list an endless amount of answered/unanswered prayers. In both cases, I am thankful for them all!

Tonight, I lift my voice to the Heaven's singing praises to our Father for several precious prayers that have been answered this week.

I am 36 weeks along in this pregnancy! I am feeling absolutely wonderful, to boot! This is HUGE for me! I've never done so well in pregnancy, especially this far along!

Praise You, Father!

As of last Friday, Ella has begun to fall into a delightful routine. She no longer cries, in the morning, about not wanting to go to preschool. She, literally, improved upon this overnight...God CAN move mountains! Mornings have been such a blessing!

At my check-up, today, everything checked out perfectly! Normal BP. All labs from last week came back normal. Jacob is doing wonderfully, as am I! A complete turn around from this time last week! We have an ultrasound next Monday, with the Maternal/Fetal Specialist, and another doctor's appointment on Tuesday. Praying all goes well at each. I'm enjoying having an almost average pregnancy for once! At this time, he is still scheduled to arrive on October 13, via c-section at approximately 7:45 a.m. Just a little over three weeks to go!

Darrell and I celebrated our seven year wedding anniversary on Sunday. Seven years seems like such a short amount of time, however, I feel as though I've been with him a lifetime....and I mean that in a positive way! ha,ha. In seven years of marriage, we have spent exactly one month, in total, apart. Our relationship, however, began while he was still in the military and he spent 13 months in Kuwait and Iraq. It seems like forever ago, and yet like yesterday at the same time. We've grown tremendously as a couple, adults, parents, as well as His servants. I can't imagine having gone through all that I have these past seven years with anyone else but my sweet Darrell. He cooked me a beautiful dinner of steak w/grilled onions, salad, asparagus, baked potatoes, and sweet tea. When he isn't experimenting by mixing weird concoctions of bar-b-q sauce in pasta (that was a one time deal and he never did it again!!! Blech! It will forever make for a funny story, nonetheless!), my guy can cook! I mean really cook! I was pampered well on our anniversary. I'm completely blessed to be his wife. So much so that his dirty socks are totally worth picking up, just to have him! :0) Tripping over his large work boots, is a different story! Only teasing! I'd take every flaw, times a million, for him to be mine! While Darrell has a facebook page, he gets on facebook MAYBE once every two months. He made a special appearance to create a status for me.

"It has been a great 7th year anniversary with my beautiful wife. This is a very special year for us. We are expecting our first son together in a few weeks. I can't wait."

It's the little things in life that mean the most!


I've been having issues with my computer for quite some time. I'm not able to view certain aspects of my blog. One of which is my "followers" (Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike that term for blog pals?) list. I've discovered that I've got two new followers within the past month, although I'm not able to see who you two are. Please know that I appreciate you both so very much, and I'd love to check out your blogs as well. If you don't feel comfortable leaving a comment, please e-mail me a link to your blog. You will find my e-mail address in my profile (top right corner). :0)

As always, precious friends and family,

Relishing in His goodness...


Mandy said...

What a wonderful list of blessings :) I should truly list mine daily. Helps put life in perspective!

I was one of your new followers :p You were following me but I wasn't get your updates on my blog dash board so I added you so that I could get your updates as well!!!

I pray your pregnancy continues to go as well as it has. My last pregnancy with my twin girls was text book easy compared to my first two. I was seriously scared about it but God watched over us the entire way! Funny how things work out when you are the most worried that something may be more difficult than in the past, you take His presence and control for granted and worried in vain!

Yay, I am so happy to hear Miss Ella is going to school without struggle. It definitely tears a Mama's heart when their child is so upset about something so beneficial for them! I pray she continues to flourish and loves her preschool class :)

Christy said...

Mandy!! I had a feeling that you were one of my new blog pals...I just didn't want to seem too presumptuous! ha,ha. Thank you, for your sweet comment! I think making a daily list of our blessings is a GREAT idea! All too often, I take advantage of all that God gives me in one single day. He certainly deserves that praise!

I'm so happy to have been introduced to you! Can't wait until we're neighbors! :0)

Rightthinker said...

So very happy about your praise reports dear sister!

Love you much!

God Bless!

Christy said...

Thank you, sweet Andrea! Love you, too! Hugs and blessings to you, as well!